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Fluid kiteboarding HEAT JACKET.

The Fluid kiteboarding Heat neoprene jacket is a 3MM double lined neoprene jacket. If you hate being cold on the beach as much as we do you’ll need the brand new Fluid HEAT jacket. It will bring the warmth back in your session! Wear the HEAT jacket before and after your session on the beach. This will prevent your body from cooling down while taking a break. 

The best part about the Fluid kiteboarding Heat jacket is that you can wear it on the water as well. Put your Heat jacket on and put your harness over your jacket. This will generate a trapped pocket of hot air that will keep your core much warmer than with any other jacket. 

The heat jacket works similar to a wetsuit but instead of trapping water in-between your skin and the neoprene. It will trap air which heats up by your body. 

No more short sessions in winter, fall and spring time! The Heat jacket will extend your session substantial! By making sure your core is hot you will not have any cold hands or feet anymore! Wearing the heat jacket will make you take those annoying gloves off just a bit longer.

Anyone can benefit from Heat jacket whether it’s you on the water or the person waiting on the beach! The heat jacket will keep you hot!

The Hood has a facepiece so you can breathe in your own warm air and keep you extra warm. When it's super windy it also prevents sand from being blasted into your face. 

If you don't want to use the facial piece you can connect it to the velcro of your zipper. 

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