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No matter the brand,  No matter the year  we can supply you with new lines.
With over 1000 bars made the Line smith is the perfect partner to make you some new kitelines.

We truely don't understand why people are riding with old / weak lines that many brand deliver standard on their bars.  To ensure safety you can choose the best available line on the market.
The lines we are using have near 0% stretch and are the strongest available to date.  

Getting new Flying lines is easy:

1.) Select the amount of lines you want to replace.
2 or 4 / 5

2.) Select the flying line
-  450 KG  / 1.6mm  / SK99 Dyneema - Prestretched
-  780KG / 2.0mm / SK99 Dyneema - Prestretched

3.) select the type of Sleeve end 
- Loop 
- Loop + knot

4.) Will you send us your bar? 
If you are inexperienced with mounting lines or are unsure which lines you need. Send us your bar or old lines! 

We will produce the lines for you and mount the bar.

Did you know our lines will make your kite more responsive and are easier to untangle

Disclaimer:  If you order lines from us and they do not fit your bar without sending us your bar. we are not responsible for any wrongly ordered items.

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